Real Estate in Costa Rica - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Costa Rica is an amazing place to move to and call home, especially if you’re looking for a quieter life away from the cities.  There is plenty of land here and you can find land near beaches and mountains cheaper than a parking spot in Manhattan.


Buying real estate in Costa Rica is definitely a different experience than buying your first home back in the US.  The real estate market is a much different beast with far fewer restrictions and regulations in place to keep you from getting ripped off.  Don’t be discouraged there are amazing properties here and good deals to be had but you need to protect yourself.  Here is the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to buying property here.

Find Where You Want to Live First

First thing you want to do is spend some time exploring with a local guide to figure out just where you want to live.  Talk to other expats there and find out about prices of land or homes, what utilities are available and what the local infrastructure is like. Be very specific about the amenities you want and need and don’t be in a hurry to buy.

Find a Local Realtor

In the US most properties for sale hit MLS or one of the other sites like Zillow and you will find property online here too.  However, in Costa Rica they still rely pretty heavily on word of mouth ( your realtor knows a guy, who knows a guy who is selling their property) and that is how buyers and sellers are connected.  A local realtor, along with a local attorney are going to be your new best friends in your hunt for the perfect property.  Here is a look at the basics of buying real estate here.

Get Realistic About the Cost

Bear in mind that finding the right property is only the first step, there are other cost considerations too.  Are you going to need a new road or power lines connected? If you find an existing property with a house already on it, it may be cheaper to build new rather than to try and renovate.  Finding the right property is only the beginning of establishing a home here.

All of this may sound discouraging but it shouldn’t, armed with the right information you can find the perfect piece of real estate.  Understand that this is a different type of real estate venture but it could be the beginning of a brand new chapter in your life.

How To Buy A Countryside Home in Costa Rica

If you want to live outside the hustle and bustle of urban life, consider moving abroad. Many countries offer expatriate packages where you can live cheaply, have access to medical care, and be surrounded by beautiful natural settings. Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It offers the opportunity for adventure seekers looking for more than just a relaxing vacation, it can be a place you call home.  Let us help you find the perfect property off the beaten path.

Why Move to Costa Rica

Moving isn’t just about living off the grid. It’s about living an entirely different lifestyle. A great part of Costa Rica’s appeal lies in its pristine nature and the opportunities for adventure.  It is located between Central America and South America. It is surrounded by Panama, Nicaragua, and Colombia. It is famous for its natural beauty and for its friendly, laid back inhabitants.  The country’s government is relatively stable, and there are no problems related to drugs or crime.

Barefoot running, surfing, mountain biking, kayaking, snorkeling, bird watching, and hiking are all possible in Costa Rica. When you emigrate to Costa Rica, you can even find plenty of expatriate packages that can help you get a taste of the country while providing you with modern conveniences like health insurance. Costa Rica has a modernized economy that’s helped put the country on the map. It’s a popular expat destination, especially for Americans.

Finding Land in Costa Rica

You will find that the cost of living in Costa Rica is low, and the price of land is very reasonable.  You can buy a piece of land in Costa Rica for as little as $15,000, which is less than most rural areas in America. You can also find some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. The best thing about Costa Rica is that it doesn’t get too hot in the summertime, and it rarely rains.

Living off the beaten path is easy to do in Costa Rica. You don’t need to be rich to move and on your own piece of land in Costa Rica. You can also build your dream home on a plot of land and you can live off the grid completely.

You will want to connect with a local realtor who can help you find the perfect property be that in the mountains with an amazing view or something a little closer to the beach.  Costa Rica has so much to offer you won’t regret your decision to move here.